Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Auntie Meme

My friend Christine tagged me on facebook with this li'l number, wherein I tell sixteen things about myself. In lieu of a post today, I'll start with . . .

1. I like memes. I know that's not very up-and-up of me. But I'm a list person, and a form-filler-outer, and that's what a meme is, isn't it? Actually, meme is defined as: A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. So there you go. I don't tag people, though.

2. I have a lot on my mind but haven't written any posts about it. Some of my ideas have, as of late, already been written about elsewhere, but that doesn't mean I won't write about them later, here.

3. The other day I escaped to my bathroom for just a few minutes and had the urge to yell, loudly, the following to my four-year-old: "STANDING AT MY DOOR CRYING WON'T GET TOAST IN YOUR BELLY ANY FASTER!" I didn't yell it, though, I just thought it.

4. My husband's car, The Heli-crapter, finally crapped out on us. Luckily, the axle (axel?) broke in our driveway, and not on the freeway. Tender mercies. Why is it called The Heli-crapter? I just made it up, derived from la yen referring to it as The Helicopter because it's so loud, and when she lived next door, it would wake her up each morning. Also, it's a piece.

5. I have about four and a half months to train for the mini-triathlon I signed up for. I'm glad Kerri will be there with me because I am more nervous than ten nervous things about this whole ordeal.

6. I really like to shovel snow.

7. Our stake conference is next weekend. Our assignment is to prepare a twelve-minute talk - everyone is to do this - and then we'll proceed with an open agenda. Should be interesting. I'm wondering if I should even bother preparing a talk.

8. You know how I've had a mantra in the past of Eliminating The Crap from my life? Well, this year I'm adding onto it, and that is, Replacing It With The Worthwhile.

9. I can't stand cola.

10. Wait - is Dr. Pepper cola? I like that, on occassion.

11. I'm so bummed that Pushing Daisies has been cancelled.

12. My brother is in the Hong Kong right now.

13. I still have a few Christmas cards to mail out. Did you get yours?

14. I think I would do well in Spain, what with The Siesta and all.

15. This meme is taking me a long time . . . I think I may require a more specific assignment.

16. Hey, how 'bout that economy?


compulsive writer said...

I'm with you on liking memes and shoveling snow. And I loved your Christmas card this year.

How 'bout that?

AzĂșcar said...

OK, I'm not opposed to memes, I just want them to be done well, which is how you've done this one.


sue-donym said...

I have always thought I would do well in Spain also.

Snow shoveling, leaf raking? You are a Power Hour spokesmodel!

P.S. You still have my rake.

P.P.S. Please remind D - "same sex marriage" will be my talk topic.

Gerb said...

re: #7
I have thought the same but fear I will be called upon if I am not prepared. I have heard others say their family is bringing one talk for the lot of them. (Is that cheating? Because it sounds like genius to me.)

La Yen said...

RIP Helicopter.

"My talk this year will be on how this Stake is full of sinners. Webster's dictionary defines sinners as..."

Kaerlig said...

I'm curious about the mini marathon you are running.

Whose idea was it to make everyone prepare a talk? Is that cruel? I can't decide. I like to give talks but not everyone does.

Kaerlig said...'s a mini-triathlon. I suck at swimming.

lisa said...

We loved your beautiful card! (And prepare the talk.)

{natalie} said...

i'm a list person too. i don't remember a thing w/o writing it down.

you didn't tell me about the tri! that's awesome. i'm excited for you.

your card this year was my favorite of all received.

wendysue said...

I didn't get your card. . .:(, but I still have Actchafalya's baby gift. . .shall we swap? She's not crawling yet is she? I'm soooo late.

wendysue said...

It came, it came!!

Rynell said...

I loved this!

I want to instate a national siesta.