Sunday, July 27, 2008

the family that Does Stuff

I knew before Atcha was born that this summer would be the beginning of a long settling-in, I'm guessing maybe three years. While I feel that this summer has been a disappointment to my older kids (and I feel bad about this), I know that if they can just hang in there, it won't be too long until we can ALL go have fun together. They're pretty close in age, so in just a matter of a few years, I think we'll be well on our way to actually being able to go somewhere (movie, restaurant, library, church) without it being a COMPLETE circus act.

That being said, we did some pretty fun stuff last week. Bubby's weekly hearing-impaired playgroup sponsored a day at the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo, so I took all the kids. Bubby made the following sound (try it, through your nose and at high volume): "EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" for the majority of our time there. He hated the pony ride, but the girls loved that part.

Thursday marked My Fair State's holiday, so we planned on taking the kids to Veterans Pool, but Bubby woke up with a fever, so Darin stayed home with Bubby & Atcha, and I took the three older girls. It was there that, despite my best sunscreened efforts, I got a wicked bad sunburn on my shoulders. Still hurts. Freaking ouch.

That evening we attended a most excellent pig roast. I even met Design Mom! I wish we could have stayed longer, but after enduring approximately an hour of Bubby making a noise (see above), we went home.

Friday, Darin came home from work early and we went to Salt Lake for our staycation (or, as I prefer, John Hodgman's "Holistay" ). Darin had enough rewards points for us to stay at a nice hotel downtown, our balcony overlooking the temple (when you looked beyond the construction immediately to our north -- the crane made for some entertainment for the kids, though). We swam in the pool* and Atcha & I went to The Gateway to bring back some dinner from Z'Tejas, as well as some chocolate carmel fudge (it doesn't melt!) for dessert from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. (While waiting for our food from Z'Tejas, I may or may not have enjoyed a kid-sized moose tracks ice cream cone from said chocolate factory.) We ate dinner, and then I took the three older girls back to the pool. After their baths, we ordered some late, late room service (we especially needed some milk for Bubby) and watched Monk. The quality of sleep wasn't the best (we are thisclose to being a family which requires two hotel rooms), but the soft sheets made up for it.

Saturday morning, Darin took the three older girls to get some McBreakfast while I packed our things and enjoyed our two sleeping babies. We then headed to the zoo, where it was entirely too hot for the animals to make any appearances, or for that matter, for any humans to enjoy the atmosphere. Especially Bubby who made this noise . . . well, I'm sure you can imagine. He only stopped ten minutes before we were finished, while in line for "the train", and while on the train ride, he clapped his hands and said, "Yaaaaayyy!" After the zoo, we headed to Sugar House to get some Jamba Juices for lunch. I also stopped at Whole Foods to get a few things, and then we drove home.

I'm not trying to make this post one of those supercuteblogs, just as a record that, despite my prophecies of staying home the ENTIRE summer, we actually did some fun stuff. Also, I've realized that maybe I should consider hiring a photographer to follow me around for these next few years because, though I had my camera with me for each of the above events, I only have one picture to show for it.

Of course, I also have this one, of Bubby signing "Hi" as he bends Atcha's bouncy seat to the floor.

* - ATTENTION PARENTS OF YOUNG KIDS: I have had an epiphany. If you ask a kid what their favorite part of vacation - ANY vacation - was, they will tell you it was swimming in the pool at the hotel. Let this be a money-saving lesson: research hotel pools and make THAT your vacation while this is what still entertains them. You're welcome.


compulsive writer said...

I'm bringing you over the rest of my bottle of Burn Free.


compulsive writer said...

p.s. I heart Monk and just about anything from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Geo said...

Holistays really don't sound so bad.

ash said...

Don't you feel like you need to sleep for the 3 days following the vacation? I'm with Geo, holistay sounds pretty great.

Thanks for the tip about the pool. I'm quite positive that is what my kids would like best.

Queen Scarlett said...

We love the caramel apples from Rocky Mountain.

Love the part-family photo... priceless. We (me and the people in my head) want to see Mommy pictures too! ;-)

Lot's of love... enjoy the reptile part of the burn... I still find it fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

ps. Your kids are so cute. I love that Bubby photo... those cheeks and toes...

JC said...

A couple of weeks ago I drove through the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway, also known as I-10 in Lousiana between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. It reminded me of you guys. :)

AzĂșcar said...

We need to go to Veterans before the season ends.

Kalli Ko said...

i love veterans. The AF and Lehi pools just don't compare. Except one of the first times I went this summer there was a 3 year old boy who kept trying to pull his pants down and pee directly into the pool.

I did not like that part.

sue-donym said...

You need to stop feeling guilty. Your kids will remember all the summers clumped together as one excellent time.

Wait, yes you do need to feel guilty. You went to Z tejas without me?! I thought that was "our" place?

P.S. Thanks for the hug. Come over for grilled fruit anytime.

Natalie said...

Love the Family photo. Any kinda of Vaca with small kids is hard. I am afarid to take my 2 crazy kids out in public. My hats off to you and Darin. Great parents to your kids. Great Family Memories.

Rynell said...

My kids also remember swimming in the hotel pool more than anything else from our vacations.

Glad you had some summer fun!

b. said...
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b. said...
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b. said...

I'm afraid this might be the last year we could get away with the hotel pool being the most awesome part. We coupled that with the new Batman movie and the trip was a hit!

Bubby is getting so big!
You guys are seriously, so cute!

c jane said...

And were kidnappers invited to any of the festivities?

~j. said...

cw - aaaaaahhhhhhh. THANK YOU.

geo - Yes, I agree. In fact, I prefer them.

ash - Yeah, it was exhausting, but also necessary.

queen - I was going to get an apple or two, but I didn't think Curly could handle it (missing 4 teeth in the front on top) without me cutting it which doesn't make it any fun, and since the fudge doesn't melt -- that's what sold me.

jc - hahaha! en serio?

azu'car - yes! Have you been at all this summer?

kalli - yeah, EW. I can only imagine.

sue - I thought of you as I enjoyed my hand-hacked guac to-go.

natalie - you are sweet. I hope the kids remember the fun stuff instead of the hassle.

rynell - Isn't that how it always works? That's why I chose the hotel with the best pool.

b. - I can't wait to see the new Batman. Do you enjoy the pools like your kids do?

cj - No, none were invited on this trip. Although, I think there may be a few lurking in the bushes near that bear at the zoo...

Shelly said...

I am glad you were able to go do that. Ryan and I have been slackers on taking our kids anywhere this summer. I didn't want to over book myself. You are a wonderful mother.

Emily said...

I love reading your posts; they always make me laugh...and make me so thankful that each kid comes one at a time. One day I may have as many as you...but hopefully I will be used to it by then. Hang in there...for the next three years...and all will be good. And I will remember about the pools.

Jenny & Scott said...

I was surfing around blogs and ran across yours (through Natalie Pederson's). Your hubby and I grew up in Redlands together and took a Math class at BYU. Tell Darin I said hello and that his family looks great!


Scott Fowler

Kacy said...

I meant to tell you how surprisingly cute your kids are in real life. I wasn't surprised that they are cute, I just didn't realize HOW cute.

Kaerlig said...

My kids think the best thing about a vacation is watching TV on a hotel queen size bed. They want to go to Vegas so they can go sit and watch TV.