Wednesday, March 19, 2008

why i love a good meme (and what is the deal with the spacing on blogger?)

It's because sometimes I feel like writing a post but I have no idea what to say. Answering questions or filling in blanks helps. Tagging, however, is too much pressure for me at this point, but feel free to participate in any of the memes I post in the next few days.

This one from my good friend Queen Scarlett:

10 Years Ago...

...I had been married for seven months and was visiting Orlando for three weeks to help my aunt with my (then) baby (5 months old) cousin because my aunt had to have surgery on her feet. It was a nice visit, and the first time Darin and I had been apart for any significant amount of time in our (then very new) marriage. I know people who have been married for many years who have never spent three weeks at a time apart from each other. But being there in Orlando was, like I said, a nice time: I loved helping Kuna with Natalie. Also during this visit, I remember that Kuna and I went to the movie theater to see a movie called Titanic, and that it haunted me and I couldn't sleep well for a week or so.

5 Things on my T0-Do list today...

...Okay, you asked for it. But I'm not giving just five because then the rest would feel left out. Here's what I've got going today (overscheduled? We don't really think so; Wednesdays are just like this):

early am: shower, whathaveyou; I won't be watching Peanut today (2-year-old that I take care of a few days a week -- feel better soon, Sweetie!)

8:10, take girls to school

10:10, take Superstar to preschool

10:35, take Bubby to Target to get Easter stuff

11:30, pick up Curly from kindergarten

12:noon, pick up Superstar from preschool

12:20, lunch; also, Bubby naps and Curly naps

2:50, make sure Superstar is ready for the carpool to pick her up for dance class

3:15, wake up Curly from her nap, give her some fruit for a snack, and get her dressed for her dance class; take her to other carpool driver's house so that I can:

3:45, pick up li'l ~j. from after-school math class

4:05, be home to welcome Superstar home from her dance class; encourage li'l ~j. to finish her homework

5:15-5:20, Darin arrives home from work, changes clothes, and he takes li'l ~j. to soccer practice (he's the coach); I leave with kids to pick up Curly and fellow carpool kids from dance class

5:40, feed dinner to people

6:40, Darin & li'l ~j. arrive home; Darin quickly changes into his scout uniform; I get li'l ~j. to eat some dinner, but not too much so that she has a belly ache when we have to leave so that she can be at:

7:pm, dance class (I also pick up another girl from a class ending at that time and take her home); Darin, and kids ('cept li'l ~j.) and I go to church for a neighborhood boy's Arrow of Light award (what?); I go to a baby shower (while Darin takes Curly, Superstar, and Bubby home, and makes sure the girls get a bath and get to bed)

8:45, li'l ~j. arrives home from dance, takes a shower and stalls before going to bed; I'll come home when I feel like it and try to watch American Idol and The Daily Show, but I'll fall asleep on the couch and wake up around 1 or 2 and haul my sorry, heavy, crampy body to bed

Snacks I enjoy...

...sliced fresh pears at the most perfect stage of ripe; salty tortilla chips (I like the Doritos brand in the yellow bag) & fresh, homemade pico and/or guacamole; peanut butter cookies; milkshakes (the kind you can drink with a straw, not just soft ice cream with a spoon: if a spoon can stand in it without tipping over, it's not a shake); seedless watermelon, cut into bite-sized pieces and refrigerated

Things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire...

...eliminate our debt. Establish a more-than-adequate savings. Invest. Purchase a few things for my home that I'd like to have (back deck, fenced yard, regular cleaning-lady visits, piano, etc.), and two vehicles - one for me and one for Darin - that function without worry. Go on lots of family vacations.

3 of my bad habits...

...slouching, not throwing things away, assuming

Jobs I've had..., receptionist, nanny, mother's helper, loan shark, sandwich artist, cashier, dishwasher, movie concessions worker

5 Things people don't know about me...

...1. I bought a pair of maternity jeans last fall and have worn them nearly every single day of this pregnancy. 2. They ripped when I sat down on Monday morning. 3. I love - LOVE - getting facials. I know this might not seem like a big deal, but I can't tell you how wonderful it was to get my first facial last fall and have a licensed master esthetician tell me what I always wished I could hear from someone with actual knowledgeable authority on the matter: "I could recommend some products for you for your acne, but the truth is that since you're pregnant, this is all hormonal, so you'll just have to wait it out." It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. She wasn't trying to sell me on anything -- no products, or even ideas. It really is hormonal right now, and I'm fine with my skin since having heard that. I look forward to getting another facial post-baby (when I can lay - lie?- on my back for an hour), even though I know the hormones will continue to surge through the breastfeeding months. 4. I applied to Ricks College twice and wasn't accepted. 5. I went to the BYU and had a 4.0 GPA.


sue-donym said...

You exhaust me.

You forgot to say "hand-hacked" guacamole.

And I'm glad you didn't mention moving when you get your millions.

compulsive writer said...

a few of the lines I love from this post:

"overscheduled? We don't really think so; Wednesdays are just like this"

"take Bubby to Target to get Easter stuff"

"12:20, lunch; also, Bubby naps and Curly naps" --I hope this means ~j gets a rest or a nap, too.

"I go to a baby shower (while Darin takes Curly, Superstar, and Bubby home, and makes sure the girls get a bath and get to bed)"

" li'l ~j. arrives home from dance, takes a shower and stalls before going to bed; I'll come home when I feel like it... "

Kalli Ko said...

seriously, that made me tired

As for the hormonal acne, I'm right there with you dear. Mine got so bad though I had to see a dermatologist who managed to give me some facewash and cream and even a pill that he assured me wouldn't hurt the baby. I assured him if it did I would hunt him down and kill him so I think we're on the same page.

I'm praying for some relief, because right now I look like a pregnant girl in the middle of pubery, however that would work.

sarah said...

You are crazy and awesome. I'm right there with you about milkshakes.

~j. said...

sue - yes, I did forget about it being hand-hacked. Hand-hacked is preferable. And, no way I'd try to sell my house nowadays. Right? Plus, I'm getting cozy here.

cw - I'm interested as to why you loved those particular lines. And a nap? For me? Sure. Every day. All day. I'm always napping. Right now I only have a minute; Curly is eating a pear and Bubby is eating a cereal bar. We had a few changes with carpool for dance today (a couple of the other kids are sick), but we're making it work!

kalli - one of the biggest lies ever told is that acne is solely a problem for teenagers.

sarah - I've yet to find The Right Milkshake Place around here. Darin makes them the right way, so it works for me!

Mo and Jayme said...

This is my favorite tag post yet. You know why? Because in about 4 Wednesdays, I will be there. Do you want me to take someone somewhere?

And good job smarty pants. 4.0's are hard to come bye (buy? by? bi? bigh?). James had a 4.0 at BYU once too. I think you majored in the same thing.

{natalie} said...

~j, i'm happy to know all those things about you. your days are busy but i think that just happens!

ps i know all about preggo acne and it's an unfair trick for pregnant women to have to also deal w/bad skin. wasn't years 12-18 enough? maybe that was just me

Logan said...

hey, wasn't it me who gave you that facial? :) suh-weet. I love reading your blog, and talking with you when you come in to Rz, you are a fascinating person!

Queen Scarlett said...

I love learning about you. I swear we should all just do a post one day that's open to folks asking any question under the sun. I like answering questions too. ;-)

And... yes... you are my hero. How do you manage that schedule. This is why I'm keeping my immediate posterity down to a number of dos chicas. I might be committed if I had more at this point.

Makes me laugh that Ricks didn't accept you but BYU did.

If we ever get to hang out in Nor Cal we are hitting the spa.

~j. said...

mo - I don't think we majored in the same thing: I never didn't take golf.

nat - it's not just you, and it's not just me. And it can't always be fixed with a cream or a potion or a 'drink more water' suggestion, which is why I so appreciated hearing that during my facial.

logan - yes, it WAS you! Seriously, it made me feel so much better because I had been told from so many sources that if I would only do this or use that then all my problems would be solved; when they didn't work, not only was I out money, but I felt like a failure somehow. But you, in saying what you did, validated what I had suspected all along. Thank you!! And...I'll see you soon, most likely.

Queen - I'm all about answering questions since my brain is broken. The schedule thing didn't, thank goodness, happen all at once, it has built up (like having only one baby at a time). And carpooling helps. And next year (school year) we will have some changes in our family to help with the craziness, so I look forward to that. But life never slows down.

For the record, BYU didn't accept me, they had to take me, as the spouse of administration. But still. Come on.

And I'm all for the spa. aaaaahhh...

compulsive writer said...

Here's the run-down:

"overscheduled? We don't really think so; Wednesdays are just like this"--I can relate. I work very hard not to overschedule my kids, but it doesn't matter. Life is just like this.

"take Bubby to Target to get Easter stuff"--I want someone to take me to get Easter stuff, but I can live vicariously through Bubby.

"12:20, lunch; also, Bubby naps and Curly naps"--because I meant what I said. I really hope you get to nap when they nap.

"I go to a baby shower (while Darin takes Curly, Superstar, and Bubby home, and makes sure the girls get a bath and get to bed)"--I was happy that I would get to see you and that Darrin would do all the work while you were gone so you wouldn't have to come home and put the kids in the bath and to bed.

" li'l ~j. arrives home from dance, takes a shower and stalls before going to bed; I'll come home when I feel like it... "--some kids have that stalling down to an art form and I appreciate art. I also liked hearing you were planning on staying as long as you wanted. It was good to see you and you do look great.