Friday, February 29, 2008

what would you do with an extra day?

I know! You'd use it to LEAP to other fun posts, right?

Oh, so, so clever.

Here are some links to posts I have found particularly entertaining as of late (and you can, too!):

Wanna see my friend's husband get tased? (The guy is so tough.)

Or read about my sister's adventures in Flaaaaaahhhhhhhrida?

You should really read about why a mommy would be so pleased with the garbage collection company.

And if you haven't had the pleasure of getting to toilet train anyone (or even if you have!), you can get the skinny on that right here.

You should also see how Wendy's girls react to the big news.

This link isn't to a specific post, but to Heather's entire blog, which could convince me, more than anything else, to move to Ohio.

Or you could move to Brazil and have an experience like this.

This is the best post about yoga I've ever read.

Of course, if you need to know about life in general, Kacy can fill you in on everything from Sesame Street to how you should vote.

You're welcome! Enjoy the rest of your extra day!


compulsive writer said...

I just noticed your time stamp. What would I do with an extra day? Sleep! I actually took Benadryl last night (hey--I'm a bit sniffly, it really could be due to allergies) so I wouldn't find myself blogging at 2 and 3 a.m. respectively. This week has been a bugger!

Tori :) said...

Oooh what a fun idea!! I likey!!
That guy gettin' tased is HAWT!!! ;)

~j. said...

cw - yeah, sleep occurred to me, as well. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the menu for the baby(ies) in my life. At least not today. I hope your sniffles go away!

~j. said...

tori - thanks! I hope you don't mind that I linked that; I just found it fascinating. Darin said, "Sei is my hero." It did occur to me, though, that the phrase, "Wanna see my friend's husband get tased?" is one I hope to never use again (tee hee!).

sue-donym said...

You are a vampire, I know it.

Great links though.

~j. said...

sue - a vampire because I'm up late? Or because of the loving blood thing? Oh, no wait -- that's you. (tee hee!)

sue-donym said...

that's why we are such good friends

heather said...

i would LOVE it if you guys moved to ohio :)

Lucrecia said...

Hi Jen,
I loved your perfect Saturday! I wish I could have a perfect Saturday just like it. Usually when my whole family is all home at once it is complete and total chaos! I have always wanted to do couples massage. How fun! Oh and did you find an amazing diaper bag? I have a fleurville and i'm totally in love with it. It's called the mothership because of it's size and compartments. You should check out their web site. If you like them I know a lady in the river bottoms who sells them for way cheaper than anywhere else.