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My name is Jenny Dye. I started this blog in 2005 at the urging of my friend Stephanie. I blog to write, to connect, to laugh, and to share evolving ideas and start conversations. Sometimes I'm funny.

I grew up in a tiny town in the Southwestern corner of New York. At age 19, after a short stint in the Chicago suburbs, I decided to move to Provo, Utah, with a friend to create a band, in which I played bass guitar and sang. Living in Provo was supposed to have been a temporary stop in my journey through life, but I find myself still living there (here) and liking it, now a mom to six children (5 alive, 1 in Heaven). Being at home with my kids is what I've always wanted to do, and that’s what I've done, while working from home. In 2013 I got back on stage. Finally.

In March, 2017, I married John Dye. It's my second marriage, and his, too. Here's something about that.

In the midst of being home and all that goes along with that scene (favorite: laundry; least favorite: floors), I make time for my own interests which, surprisingly to no one more than myself, include preparing for and participating in triathlons. I enjoy music – singing, playing, dancing, listening, you name it, and am eager to have any opportunity to pick up my guitar. I enjoy zumba, traveling (doesn’t everybody?), hiking, skiing, swimming, comedy, TV (DVR makes me a better mom), writing, letterpress, laughing, farmers markets, Trader Joes, IKEA, radio, concerts, quilts, planning my dream house, red, and getting mail. My twitter and instagram handle is @formerlyphread, and my blog is

My profile picture was taken by Scott Jarvie in April, 2016, in downtown Salt Lake City, Utahs.

My previous profile picture was taken by Justin Hackworth in March, 2011, at Justin's studio in downtown Provo, Utah.

Another previous profile picture, which I used for years, was taken by Chris Kendrick in 2005. I'm aware that it doesn't necessarily - or at all - represent what I look like on a regular basis. Still, it's one of the few photos of myself that I really, really like.

If you're wondering, I've written about how I got the name Phread.

I'm a Mormon.

My blog looks so awesome because of Megan Romo. Here's her button:

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